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We are a leading air conditioning maintenance company in Dubai for best AC maintenance & AC repair services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and our engineering teams are some of the most experienced in the UAE and routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance to systems in thousands of homes each week.We understand common problems that recognise what we need to fix:


  • -Cleaning of fan coil and air handling units
  • -Faulty temperature and pressure sensors
  • -Cleaning variable air valves and filters
  • -Loose fittings generating unusual noise or vibration
  • -Faulty fan belts
  • -Dust and sand build-up in fan and motor bearings
  • -Blocked A/C drain outlets
  • -Faulty starter motor, relays or timers
  • -Faulty temperature control thermostat
  • -Dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters
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